It was pouring with rain today in Rethymno so we thought we'd go and give 'Enigma' a whirl and we are all so glad that we did! Our group was aged from 50's + down to child the youngest child aged 5. The owners have worked really hard on creating the scene and the rooms really do put you back to the days of Sherlock Holmes. Can't wait to see the new rooms that should be open next week! The mysteries are no easy task to solve and sadly we didn't find the answer but I'm not going to tell you what the mystery is! Go find out for yourselves and enjoy a fun time with your family or friends. We are so glad that we did! Thanks guys and see you again soon!!
Anne-Marie T.
“Much more than I expected! Real brain teaser a must to do!!!”
Did the Sherlock Holmes room with 4 friends - had a great time exploring and eventually escaping with 3 minutes to spare. We figured out the rough idea for most of the puzzles quite quickly/easily. The puzzles certainly aren't for the fainthearted - a degree of lateral thinking and creativity was needed to find the solutions - but it was engrossing and had us entertained throughout.
“Something a bit different to do with your friends”
It was the first time we tried something like this and really had a good time! We were two and almost got to the end. The guys are really nice and welcoming.
“A lot of fun”
This was the highlight of our trip in Crete! After relaxing at the beach it was such a good feeling to have something to do as a team that got our adrenaline pumping. The room had awesome puzzles that were just right in terms of difficulty and perfectly in theme. Can't recommend Enigma enough! If you're in Rethymno book a session!!
“The most fun you'll have in Rethymno”
We are repeated visitors of Rethynmno and this year we found something totally new, exciting and challenging that blew our mind. Enigma is a real life escape game!! The riddles and puzzles are really clever and well built. The storyline puts you straight into the role of an actual detective!! We have never had an experience like this!! We had a fantastic time!! We highly recommend it to everyone that is looking for an unforgettable experience!!
Sarah G.
“Great new exciting experience in Rethymno!!!”
Amazing escape rooms, lovely management team, not expensive, easy to find. Definitely worth going to!
“Amazing experience!”
I was a bit reluctant as this is new to me. However, we were given a warm welcome by our hostess even after having to come and find us when we got lost! We were locked in the Sherlock Holmes room and had to find all the clues that would eventually lead us to Sherlocks' arch rival Moriarty. It was difficult but we were given clues via a screen if we struggled which helped us along immensely. A lot of thought has gone into this and it is well worth a visit. If only we had more time here in Crete to visit again and try the Great Mysto the Magician room. CHECK IT OUT!!!!! 5 STARS
“Loads of Fun on a Rainy Day!! ????”
My family loves solving adventure games, so this was a perfect experience for us to try. It was so much fun! My son is begging to return. Everyone at Enigma was very friendly. I'd definitely recommend it for a family/friend afternoon of entertainment.
“Fun family evening!”
This was our second escape room experience and definitely more challenging than the first. We had 4 people and escaped with 25 seconds left thanks to a couple of quite generous hints. The staff were fantastic and we'll definitely be back to try the second room - would definitely recommend to anyone who's on the fence about escape rooms.
Xristina K.
It was the first time Ivisited an escape room and played such a game and i think i will become addicted!!The welcoming was very lovely and everything necessary to know was explained.The price is fair for such a rare activity. Would certainly do it again.
Mary K.
“Escape room addiction!!”
We went here with 5 friends and had a blast! What a great game, great ambiance and atmosphere! The only reason I do not give 5 stars is because there is another room coming and we still have to play that one and another. There will be the 5th star!!
Nathalie V.
“Fantastic game”
Very clever and exciting full adrenaline! The best escape rooms in Crete!! Very friendly staff! Try it and find out on your own how fun it can be!!!
Vagelis T.
“Excellent experience ”

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